ABOUT Affinity Memorial Center
Affinity Memorial Center
Affinity Memorial Center is licensed as a Funeral Establishment with  the Texas Funeral Service Commission.

Funeral Service in Texas is highly regulated, and any Funeral Home must provide, on request, their General Price List, Casket Price List, Outer Burial Enclosure Price List and Urn Price List. Price information must also be disclosed by phone. Funeral costs for service and merchandise will vary greatly from one funeral home to another. To choose wisely, you should compare the costs and services.

The Texas Funeral Service Commission's website can be found by clicking here. Their consumer brochure "Facts about Funerals" can be found by following the highlighted link, and a Spanish language copy cany be found by clicking "Spanish Facts About Funerals"
When we acquired Aldine Funeral Chapel, we realized that their basic premise of providing the same level of profesional care and merchandise could be provided for much less than many traditional funeral homes. However, the changing neighborhood did not lend itself to the level of professionalism most families associated with funeral services.
We wanted to continue to provide reasonable costs, the highest level of care, and provide families who chose cremation with the same respect and service as those who chose a more conventional funeral service with burial.

We have as our goal providing your family with the same level of respect and care we provide our own family, regardless of the choices you wish for burial, cremation or other memorialization.

We publish all of our pricing information so you can make the most appropriate decision for you. Please be ssured that the price you see on our web page is the total you will pay for the services listed. We do not try to "upsale" or "load" your funeral selections with additional charges or merchandise.