Casket Selections

  1. Managing Director
    Vanguard Silver $ 800
    Silvertone 20 Gauge Metal Non Protective White Crepe Interior Also Available in Coppertone
  2. Managing Director
    Hued Metal $ 950
    20 Gauge Steel Non Gasketed Silvertone White Crepe Interior
  3. Managing Director
    Cleveland $ 1,450
    Pine Laminate MDF Wood Non Gasketed White crepe interior
  4. Managing Director
    Rockdale $ 2,135
    Cherry toned Laminate MDF Wood Non Gasketed beige crepe interior
  5. Managing Director
    Carnation $ 1,855
    18 Gauge Protective White Shaded Coral Finish Pink Crepe Interior
  6. Managing Director
    In God's Care
    18 Gauge Protective Neapolitan Blue with gold shading Blue Crepe Interior
  7. Managing Director
    Going Home $ 1,495
    20 Gauge Steel Protective Light Blue/Silver Shaded Blue Crepe Interior
  8. Managing Director
    Prayer $ 1,265
    20 Gauge Gasketed Brown Coppertone Shaded Beige crepe interior with Praying Hands Head Panel
  9. Managing Director
    Pearl Rose $ 1,355
    20 Gauge Gasketed Pink White Shaded Pink Crepe interior with Rose Head Panel
  10. Managing Director
    Lord's Prayer $ 1,565
    20 Gauge Gasketed White with Gold Pinstripe White Crepe Interior with Lord's Prayer Head Panel
  11. Managing Director
    Veteran $ 1,565
    20 Gauge Gasketed Navy Blue with Silver shading White crepe interior with Flag Head Panel
  12. Managing Director
    Wedgewood $ 1,565
    20 Gauge Gasketed Lavender, Silver Shaded Crepe Interior
  13. Managing Director
    Elegance $ 1,775
    18 Gauge Gasketed Black, mirror side White Crepe Interior with Ray Panel
  14. Managing Director
    Rose Garden $ 1,675
    18 Gauge Gasketed Orchid/Silver Shaded with Pinstripes Pink Crepe Interior with Roses in Head Panel
  15. Managing Director
    Single Rose $ 1,675
    18 Gauge Steel Gasketed Coral with Copper Pinstripe Pink Crepe with Single Rose in Head Panel
  16. Managing Director
    Deutsche Light Blue/Silver $ 1,125
    20 Gauge Gasketed LIght Blue with Silver shading Light Blue Crepe Interior
  17. Managing Director
    Our Lady of Guadalupe $ 1,225
    20 Gauge Gasketed Metal Light Blue with Gold Shading Light Blue Crepe Interior with Lady of Guadalupe Head Panel
  18. Managing Director
    American $ 1,025
    20 Gauge Non Protective Metal shaded Available in Navy Blue, Pale Blue, copper, Light Pink, or Black Crepe Interior
  19. Managing Director
    Veteran $ 1,565
    20 Gauge Gasketed Navy blue with Silver Shading Blue Crepe Interior with Flag In Head Panel
  20. Managing Director
    Wedgewood $ 1,565
    18 Gauge Gasketed Lavender with Silver Shading
  21. Managing Director
    Elegance Black/Silver $ 1,995
    18 Gauge Gasketed Black with Silver Shading White Crepe Interior
  22. Managing Director
    Rose Garden $ 1,675
    Description18 Gauge gasketed Orchid with /?silver shading and pinstripes Pink Crepe Interior with two roses in head panel
  23. Managing Director
    Single Rose $ 1,675
    18 Gauge Gasketed Natural with Coral Shading and Copper Pin Stripint Pink Crepe Interior with Single Rose Head Panel